Fotografia europea Reggio Emilia 2007
Comune di Reggio Emilia

Fotografia europea
Reggio Emilia 2007

Comune di Reggio Emilia

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27 aprile
5 maggio

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Though Europe and all its cities have been a geographical reality for a long time, this particular historical moment challenges it to make a effort of imagination helping it to find and finally gain its own unity and identity.

Cities are the perfect laboratories of this Europe under construction. In the cities, individuals, cultures, habits, attitudes, gestures and signs are well mixed together; contacts have been set for a long time and people as well as objects have already come together.

While electronic and virtual flows bypass any difference and connect everything in one single global net, cities are still the place where reality urges, relationships get entangled, obstacles slacken the rhythm.
We have to change the way we look to understand Europe through its cities. We need to find a fresh look to reduce the dullness of reality, a glance capable of deeply understanding the cities we are living in. We have to go beyond any pre-constituted European identity and find out that very feature common to all our open cities that can be reached by those who really want to know them.

Photography, representing this new look as no other art form these days, can play an important role in this process. Images can help us in imagining or understanding a new Europe leaving its old boundaries behind and reviving new and different.