Fotografia europea Reggio Emilia 2007
Comune di Reggio Emilia

Fotografia europea
Reggio Emilia 2007

Comune di Reggio Emilia

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5 maggio

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SISF Seminar

The Italian Society for Photography Studies

Study seminars:

“A European gaze: orientation and prospects for photography studies

The Italian Society for Photography Studies (SISF) aims to group together scholars from various disciplinary approaches who are interested in the study of photography and its various aspects, including its conservation, protection and promotion as part of our cultural heritage. This plurality of approaches makes it difficult to identify the study of photography with one of the disciplinary areas consolidated at an academic and scientific level. Photography associations and societies have an important role in overcoming this difficulty, because they allow scholars from different backgrounds to come together, exchange experiences and compare methodology. Some societies already exist and others are being formed in various countries. This is why the Italian Society is organising a seminar on the problems and prospects of photography studies, with an aim of highlighting some difficulties and making comparisons with other European situations in this sector.


10.30 am Part I: The Italian Society for Photography Studies

This will be a presentation of the Italian Society for Photography Studies, with a historical reflection on the origins of photographers’ associations in Italy and a presentation of the SISF’s current programmes and activities.

11.30 am Part II: The Societies for Photography Studies in a European Context: some national examples

Representatives from the Société Française de Photographie, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie and the Hungarian Society for the History of Photography have been invited.
This comparison between the situation in Italy and other national examples –two cases of societies that are very well-established, with a long tradition and that of a society (in Hungary) which has recently been created but is also part of a country with a great tradition of photography, will allow us to evaluate the details of various national models and compare them to the Italian one.

2.30 pm Part III: Photography Studies in Italy in a European Perspective: disciplinary approaches and comparisons

SISF, together with scholars and curators will deal with some of the key problems in themes of photography studies, with particular focus on the problems of various disciplinary approaches, professionalism in the sector, circulation and scientific validation of study and research and teaching and research in a university environment.