Nicola Vinci was born in Castellaneta in 1975, and currently lives and works in Verona. His photography could be defined as pictorial, where the frontal, close-up framing of his subjects allows the artist to explore the psychology of his characters in depth. Like a theatre director, Vinci chooses stories told by not more than two (in the form of a diptych) or three shots (in the form of a triptych). His pictures are in-depth meditations, where the static nature of the scene is what freezes the story, in a tableau vivant filled with symbols and allusions that can be interpreted on several levels. Biblical episodes and autobiographical stories, psychoanalytical allusions, but also oneiric and literary evocations: Vinci’s photography is always supported by a refined, formal elegance and explores narration while continuing to leave room for mystery.
He has taken part in numerous collective exhibitions in Italy (at the Mole Vanvitelliana in Ancona; Galleria Stefano Forni in Bologna, Grafiche Aurora in Verona, Galleria Zelle Arte Contemporanea in Palermo, Galleria Goethe in Bolzano, Atre Spazio in Milan, Pinacoteca Civica in Follonica (Grosseto), Arte Boccanera Contemporanea in Trento, Galleria Delle Battaglie in Brescia, Complesso Monumentale di Santa Caterina in Finalborgo (Province of Savona), Galleria Il Torchio Costantini in Milan, Spazio Eventi in Milan, Galleria Passo Blu in Turin, Caserma De Cristoforis in Como, Torre Medievale in Moggio Udinese (Udine) and Chiesa Castello Svevo in Bari and abroad (the Mito Gallery in Barcelona and the Barbara Mahler Gallery in Lugano-Pura). His first solo exhibition, at the Galleria Paolo Erbetta in Foggia, was held in 2001. Since then he has displayed his works at the Galleria Nuova Artesegno in Udine and at Palazzo Cecchini in Cordovado (Province of Pordenone) in 2003, at the Galleria Bonelli Arte Contemporanea in Mantua (2005), and in 2007 at the Photographers Gallery ZA in Cape Town (South Africa). In 2003 he took part in the Rome Quadriennale – previewed in Naples. He was also chosen for the Biennale in Monza (2007), in Gazoldo degli Ippoliti (“Camerae Pictae” 2005) and Castello Svevo in Bari, for the Premio Fabbri (2007), Premio Celeste (2005), Premio Vasto (2004) and Premio Luigi Pronti (2004).
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