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Benny Benassi NYC Nightclubbing

1 May 2009, 22.00 - piazza San Prospero


Benny Benassi‘s DJ set is accompanied by video animation created using original images by Allan Tannenbaum (agency: Grazia Neri). For the occasion, Benny Benassi presents a production built specifically on the sound of Studio 54, the Mudd Club and other famous clubs which made disco music history. The cooperation between the internationally renowned DJ and the famous New York photographer was born from a deep mutual respect and the idea of pooling their different artistic and professional experiences. A natural and spontaneous combination, in which Benassi’s overwhelming and current sounds and rhythms mingle with the images, bodies, fashions, celebrities of that eccentric and unrepeatable New York in the late 70s, immortalised in Tannenbaum’s photographs: an imaginary bridge crossing thirty years of nightclubbing, highlighting the differences and similarities of nightlife now and then. Hosting the event, the scenic Piazza San Prospero, with its backdrop of porticoes and antique buildings transformed into huge screens.
NYC Nightclubbing is an original production for Fotografia Europea 2009.
piazza San Prospero
tel. 0522 451152 e0522 456249
In the event of bad weather the show will be held in the Zavattini/Cavallerizza Theatre
Free entrance