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Walk on the Slide Show Side

30 April 2009, 18.00 - 24.00 - Foyer Teatro Ariosto e Galleria Parmeggiani
1 - 3áMay 2009, 10.00 - 24.00 - Foyer Teatro Ariosto e Galleria Parmeggiani
Day and night trails dotted with projections, video installations and musical events, to discover new trends and new realities.
Curated by Laura Serani.

Video installations

Ci sarÓ, mythical tribute to Al Bano & Romina Power. An unusual rendering of Ci sarÓ, an unforgettable masterpiece of national-popular trash music, rearranged and reinterpreted by ConiglioViola.
UPáby Fabrizio Zanuccoli, Mariano Marini, Rudy Mazzoni, a video environment for three spectators at a time, which upturns all common references.


Romantici is a digital body-art project by ConiglioViola, where a late 19th century family poses for a daguerreotype, which goes on to show that all the members of the family are in fact the same person.
La giovane fotografia italiana a Parigi, a slide show of works by photographers based in the French capital, including Guia Besana, Claudio Gobbi, Martina della Valle, Valerio Vincenzo, Paolo Verzone, Paolo Woods. In cooperation with the Italian Cultural Institute in Paris.á
ChinAfrica, Paolo Woods’ photographs concerning China’s economic conquest of the African continent. In cooperation with LUCCAdigitalPHOTOfest and GRIN (Gruppo Redattori Iconografici Nazionale).
Panorama of young Turkish photography. Photographs by Silva Bingaz, Melisa Ínel, Yusuf Sevinšli, Alp Sime, Ali Taptık, presented by the contemporary Turkish photo magazine Gens Acis.
Listening to Istanbul is the reinterpretation of a rap piece by the Turkish group Ceza, which here becomes a metaphor of the romantic image of the past and the new realities of the city.
Today is Today - Today is ok, slide-show by Sitki Kosemen on youth attitudes and habits in Istanbul.
Riminiscenze, ritratti filmati by Claude Nori who for three years in the early 1980s filmed the beaches of Rimini in super 8. The adolescents who have fun posing and seducing the photographer against a background of the successes of past summers on the juke-box. In Amore Mio, on the other hand, Claude Noriáalternates super 8 films and black and white photos during a summer on the Italian beaches.
Foyer Teatro Ariosto e Galleria Parmeggiani
piazza della Vittoria e corso Cairoli 2 - Reggio Emilia
tel. 0522 451152 - 456249
Free entrance

ę ConiglioViola, Ci sarÓ, 2008, still dal video

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