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Music, dance, cinema and photography are combined in a rich programme with a multiplicity events and original productions: the Dj set by Benny Benassi, accompained by Allan Tannenbaum photography, is installed in the historical Piazza San Prospero; the music by the songwriter Lucio Dalla, protagonist of an event dedicated to his friend Luigi Ghirri, in Piazza Prampolini; the reading of The Confessions of St.Augustine with the interpretation of  Alessandro Preziosi and music by laReverdie ensemble, in the Chiesa Cattedrale; the Aterballetto performance, a special event created for the suburb Il Gattaglio. In collaboration with Rencontres d’Arles, La Nuit de l’Europe, a four-night long itinerary made of live music and projectons, to discover the new photography from the 27 countries of  the European Union; the Young european photography in the installation Walk on the slide show side with the curatorship of Laura Serani. And the cinema: the films by Françoise Huguier regista and Fotografia italiana, a documentary series (Giart tv/Contrasto) dedicated to great Italian photographers, presented by Gabriele Basilico, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Mimmo Jodice, Roberto Koch and Ferdinando Scianna. Furthermore, every evening, concerts and performances animate the squares of the town.