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This year’s edition, on the immense topic of Eternity, treats the theme of time in the photographic image. Photography has a very peculiar and special relationship with time: it has shown the real instant to man, the present, for the first time, fixed in an image, but as soon as it is done, the moment has already passed, leaving the observer with a strange sensation. Looking at a photographic image is always looking into the past. But above all, there are moments and instants, some short, others longer, suspended, vibrant, dilated, and there is the time of the image itself, which captivates and guides the viewer. Eternity indicates a long time, a time of suspension, of meditation, of sedimentation ; the time of art. But it also evokes the hypothesis of new and different temporal dimensions, which have to reckon with changes and persistence, with memory and together with new technologies. Which idea do we have of eternity today, in the age of the Internet?