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off contest

The 2009 edition opens the OFF Section with a range of flashing innovative ideas. In the age of virtuality Fotografia Europea puts forward his vision of social interactive community allowing for his public to be at the same time jury and witness of Reggio’s photographic artists. The website is designed not only to interact with the community of the OFF section but to be an active guest and judge of a photo contest! Everyone can vote his favourite exhibition between the sections OFF City Ring and OFF Associations and Photography Clubs; every personal or collective exhibition will be given a reference code and votes can be sent by text message. You may vote for your favourite exhibition from 30 April to 7 June: you may express several preferences but you may not vote for the same show more than once. The photographer or photographers of the winning exhibition will be invited to the 2010 edition of the event In addition, through U-SHOT, all visitors are invited to take photos of the city during the event and upload a photo on the website: here you can vote and leave comments. The three photos most voted will be projected on screens located around the city (piazza Prampolini, Spazio Gerra and Mercato Coperto) and will vary continuously according to the preferences expressed on line. This project is promoted by the Reggio Emilia Town Council and realized thanks to the partnerships of Qubic Communications, Arscolor Interactive and DataX which have kindly offered a prize to be assigned to the winner of the photo contest.