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Once again, on this fourth edition of Fotografia Europea - Reggio Emilia 2009, the city opens its doors to photography lovers with a series of events. It offers a chance to enjoy a wide variety of exhibits and shows which bring a special party atmosphere to this elegant Emilia city, fully marked by the spirit of hospitality for which it has always been renowned.
During the opening days of Fotografia Europea 2009, many restaurants, bars, cake shops and delicatessens will be offering visitors a range of menus selected specially for the occasion, which take the name of some symbolic photographic formats: 10x15 menu (from €5.00 to €7.00) 18x24 menu (from €10.00 to €15.00) 24x30 menu (from €18.00 to €25.00) 30x40 menu (from €30.00 to €40.00).
The “Club di Prodotto Reggio Tricolore” offers tourist packages for visitors to the Festival who wish to visit the city and the local area.
Many hotels and guest houses, as well as shops throughout the city, have signed up to the event.