Friday 6th, Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th May, 9 pm - 12 am, Spazio Gerra
Video-screenings of the works can be viewed on small screens at Spazio Gerra until 12th June.

Video and photography screenings and installations from “Circulation(s)”, Festival de la jeune photographie Eurpéenne in Paris, presented by Fetart. Artistic coordination by Marion Hislen and Laura Serani.

Circulation(s), the first Festival of young European photography – to its credit – has the audacity of devoting itself entirely to young artists. Sensitive to the idea of drawing a portrait of Europe's young creative talent – and, consequently, of youth, pure and simple – I accepted enthusiastically Fetart's invitation to work on the first of these festivals. The success it scored among the public and the press in Paris immediately opened the prospect of launching the initiative in the form of a European tour, which we are happy to start in Reggio Emilia on the  occasion of Fotografia Europea, now a well-established and internationally recognized event which, under its protective aegis, we might say, is hosting the new generations here with Circulation(s) at Spazio Gerra.
                                                        Laura Serani

A venue dedicated to photography and the contemporary image, ever attentive to young creativity in all its expressive forms, Spazio Gerra provides the ideal setting for the display of a selection of works from Circulation(s), the young European photography festival held in Paris from 19th February to 20th March 2011. The selection curated by Laura Serani, the godmother of the French festival, provides a programme of video-installations, screenings and open-air photographic displays arranged on the ground floor and the outdoor areas of the venue. 
The artists presented are: Maia Flore, Andrea Gustavino, Hélène Jayet, Lise Lacombe, Lucie et Simon, Tim Parchikov, Eric Pillot, Viktoria Sorochinski, Flore-Ael Surun, and Yo-Yo Gonthier.
The installations on small screens include the POM (small multi-media works) by Ananias Léki-Dago, Anne Barthélemy, Virginie Terrasse and Wilfrid Estève, Sébastien Baverel, Vali, Pierre Bernardi, Laura Surroga, Fabien Collini, Félix Ledru, Jean-Nicholas Guillo, Éléonora Strano, Frédéric Sautereau, JiPé Corre, Hélène Jayet, Ulrich Lebeuf, Martina Bacigalupo and Elsa Palito.
The exhibit programme also includes the screening of Italian Emerging Photography, produced in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute in Paris, with some of the works created by  Marco Ambrosi, Marco Barbon, Giorgio Barrera, Carmine Mauro Daprile, Marco Ferraris, Francesco Jodice, Nicola Lo Calzo, Susanna Pozzoli, Jacopo Benassi, Francesca Bontempi, Ottavia Castellina, Lorenzo Castore and Vittorio Mortarotti.
(DVD, video 44’, 2010, project and artistic direction by Laura Serani, graphics and production by Saverio Pesapane and Giulia Ticozzi).

Saturday 7th May, 9 pm, Spazio Gerra Garden 
Intersecting perspectives: young European photography describes itself
Conversation between Marion Hislen, Laura Serani, Carmine Mauro Daprile, Andrea Gustavino, Tim Parchikov, Viktoria Sorochinski and the young artists participating in Circulation(s).

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6th May - 12th June 2011
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