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Two evenings with screenings and live music.
By Ilaria Ferretti, Claudio Giapponesi, Paolo Simoni
Film editing: Relabtv

The Home Movies Emilia Romagna Association, established through the network of citizens who came together through the “I Reggiani per esempio” (The citizens of Reggio Emilia as an example) competition, is showing archive footage hitherto unseen by the public. The goal of the initiative is to use and publicize the valuable audio-visual materials gathered in the process and digitalized through the Osservatorio Reggio Emilia - Cinema di Famiglia (Reggio Emilia Observation Post - Family Cinema) project (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia).

Friday, 6th May - 9 pm – University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Aula magna (Main Lecture Theatre)
Presentation of the family films submitted by the citizens of Reggio Emilia.
Followed by screenings with sound design by LO-FI BAALA
The stars of the event are the amateur film-makers of Reggio Emilia. The presentation of the digital copies to the families which submitted their films in 2010 will be followed by the screening of a selection of film sequences showing the city and its inhabitants in a now distant past.

Sunday, 8th  May - 10 pm – Cloisters of San Pietro
ITALIAN TRAVEL NOTES - Cronache e appunti di viaggio (News reports and travel notes)
Screening with live sound by The Perris
Followed by BY TRANSPORT - Filmare in movimento (Filming in motion)
Screening live sound by Trees of Mint

Images of Italy captured by tourists and travellers in the twentieth century: a preview of a new project for the production of a major exhibit on the theme of tourism, history and national identity. People choose to travel for different reasons and every one of these reasons confers a different vision and perspective to the films documenting their journeys. Today's viewers will be guided by the perspective of tourists and travellers of the past.

In collaboration with Home Movies as part of the 'I Reggiani, per esempio' (The citizens of Reggio Emilia, as an example) initiative.

A project by Home Movies Emilia Romagna / Archivio Nazionale del Film di Famiglia (National archive of the family film) and Relabtv – University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.





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