I libri d'artista di Amandine Nabarra-Piomelli

Cloisters of San Pietro
6th May - 12th June 2011
curated by Silvana Turzio

Amandine Piomelli-Nabarro was born in Bordeaux, France, lives and works in Paris, Los Angeles and Genova. The knowledge and passion for photography comes from his father, a photographer and printer. In 1995 she moved from Paris to California, where she was heavily influenced by West Coast artists. She begins there her experimentations on artists' books through the use of rare paper sorts, such as Japan paper prepared by hand. Her research leads immediately to the paper surface and to a careful design of the visual storytelling and so the final structure of the object book. Her works arise from a so complex project that involves both the tactility and gaze that create the photographic work. The end point is a line between paper-book form and narrative content, necessary conditions for a good shaped and balanced. All her work is therefore structurally different from the others. Over the past ten years she exhibited in numerous solo and group shows, mainly in the U.S.A. Her works are part of private and public collections, including the New York Public Library, the University of California-Los Angeles Special Collections. His last photo exhibition, Unseen Worlds, was held at VisionQuesT gallery of Genoa

Cloisters of San Pietro
via Emilia San Pietro 44/c  - Reggio Emilia
tel. + 39 0522 456249 / 451152

Open Times:
6th May - 12th June 2011
Opening days: 6th - 8th May 2011
Visiting hours (exhibitions at institutional venues):  6th May 6 pm - 12 am, 7th - 8th May 10 am - 11pm from 10th May Tuesday - Friday 9 pm - 11 pm, Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays 10 am – 11 pm closed on Mondays.



Bernoulli Equation: Il libro è costituito da più di 80 frammenti di fotografie scattate in sequenza. Scivola come l'acqua, si muove come le onde. Edizione di 46, Anno:2008

Memorie d'Egitto: un libro "tête bêche" con due origami e una serie di fotografie trattate come dei polaroids. Edizione numero 100, Anno:2011