P2P - Andy Butler

Friday, 6th may -  9.30 pm - Piazza San Prospero

Andy Butler / Hercules & Love Affair DJ Set
Open dj: S. Boyz e Nerd Flanders
Visuals: web philosophy – free sharing – remix culture by Jessica Incerti Telani
Original production by Spazio Gerra
In collaboration with Circolo Arci Tunnel and WoW 

With a multi-screen providing the setting, the star of the show is the web in its various forms of PEER TO PEER file-sharing communities. The free circulation of information and Remix Culture foster the creation of new movements from the grassroots, in the spirit of creative use and reuse, and of collaboration in the production of new contents.
Hercules and Love Affair, the duo led by DJ and producer Andrew Butler from Brooklyn is the best new dance project on the recent New York dance scene. An entertaining and explosive amalgam of disco, funky and electronic performances.


12 midnight  - Circolo ARCI Tunnel
WoW presents the DJ set  Andy Butler / Hercules & Love Affair
Visuals Fratelli Lumiere


© all right reserved

© all right reserved