Jorge Molder

Teatro Ariosto - Sala Verdi
30 April - 8 June 2008
At night, it is as if the nature of things was more present. Nevertheless, we must proceed with some caution.  
"Nox" (1999) is related to story-telling, to the irrepressible, unrelenting need of telling stories, of employing every possible trick to reach that intent, even if one knows that such is a vain intent and that a narrative is something of a different nature altogether. "Condição Humana" ("Human Condition" 2005) gathers some of the moments and gestures that make up a repertoire of infinite possibilities, or at least we would like to think so, and which we could call our lives. If the first series of photographs (“Nox”) has a penchant towards fiction, towards the uncontainable movement of one thing to the other, generating thus new and unexpected meanings, the second series (“Condiçao Humana”) seems to be rather on the side of observation, as if one could, by pointing out all the possible differences among things, rewrite an alphabet. In the end we have "Vasistas"(2005). Perhaps this is the only way one can find Grace, even if it binds one to an unstoppable, reiterated movement. This is the quality of all our possible questions. (Jorge Molder)

Fotografia Europea has chosen five European photographers from five different eras and contexts, able to offer the main facets – as well as, in some cases, a first hand theoretical reflection – of modern problems. This section starts with the present day and offers some historical cross-references with a sample that typifies a possible approach, including famous figures, sometimes seen as eccentric in terms of the most widespread reflection. Together with Jorge Molder this section includes Paolo Gioli, Raoul HausmannPierre et Gilles and Wols.

Thursday 1 May 10.00 – Piazza Casotti - Photography from Cruelty to Concept - Conversation with the artists Paolo Gioli and Jorge Molder (presented by Elio Grazioli)
piazza della Vittoria - Reggio Emilia
tel. +39 0522 451152 or 456249
Opening 30 April at 18.00
1 May - 4 May 10.00 to 23.00
6 May - 8 June: Mon-Fri 18.00 to 23.00, Sat-Sun 10.00 to 23.00  

Single ticket for all exhibitions 10 €, except the Steichen exhibition for which tickets can be bought from Palazzo Magnani and the Cloisters of San Domenico. Concessions 7 € (for students, TCI, CTS, AIB members, Reggio Emilia Young Peoples’ Card, over 65s and visitors to the Steichen exhibition at Palazzo Magnani and the Cloisters of San Domenico). Free for visitors under 12, school students, the disabled and their companions, journalists and ICOM members. On 1st May and 2nd June, free for residents of the Borough of Reggio Emilia. 24th May – free tickets for the ‘white night’ event.

Nox © Jorge Molder
Courtesy Museu Coleçcão Berardo, Lisbona

Nox © Jorge Molder
Courtesy Museu Coleçcão Berardo, Lisbona

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