Human, too human

curated by Elio Grazioli

Umano troppo umano (Human, Too Human) is the title and key theme of this third edition, dedicated to the controversial concept of the body, explored in its many and sometimes radically contrasting meanings. There is the body ‘on show’, transformed in the renewed cult of fitness and well-being into a malleable tool of pleasure and performance. There is the ‘post-technological body’, which is affected by the new media, the virtual world and the inter-connectivity. There is the tormented, worn out body, consumed to its limits by new wars, new weapons, new diseases and new miseries. There is the inert body, the dissected subject of scientific research that analyses and studies it with objective detachment. Finally, there is the body of photographic images, a body that has developed and changed over the years as much as the human body, incorporating new materials, new techniques and new devices, right up to the apparent immateriality of digital technologies.

R. Hausmann, Nu de dos sur une plage
Yves Bresson © ADAGP, Courtesy Musée d’art Moderne, Saint-Etienne Métropole

E. Mazzacane, Ecosistema marino -  
Underwater # 02 © Elio Mazzacane

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