Benedetta Alfieri

Galleria Parmeggiani
30 April - 8 June 2008
In Benedetta Alfieri’s photographic project the body is defined by its absence. It never appears, but what does appear is its container, its outer covering, the body’s personal, social, representative or symbolic shell. Her photographs of shoes transmit the force, physicality and physiology of walking and moving, of being in a place at that instant. They recount prints and gravity, almost as if they were traces denoting presence. Body and space do not appear simultaneously in this project: the images tell of the physical body, of a man or woman who once was present but, at the moment the photo is taken, is no longer there. The photographer’s precise, unprejudiced gaze reveals details and stories, creating a new organisation of the human body on the boundaries of shaped reality and requiring the spectator to perceive the reconstruction of this missing body. Details and surfaces, colours and forms, relationships and references between one image and another dominate this figurative world, which combines ways of inhabiting the body’s coverings.

This photographic research project on the theme Umano troppo umano (Human, Too Human) together with projects by Bruno Cattani, Jarno Zaffelli, Patrizio Esposito, Nicola Vinci, Vanni Codeluppi, Fabio Donato and Elio Mazzacane enhances and completes the exhibitions on offer at Fotografia Europea 2008.

Thursday 1 May at 12.30 - Galleria Parmeggiani - Benedetta Alfieri is going to meet the public

Galleria Parmeggiani
Corso Cairoli 2 - Reggio Emilia
tel. +39 0522 451152 - 456249


Opening 30 April at 18.00
1 May - 4 May 10.00 to 23.00
6 May - 8 June Mon-Fri 18.00 to 23.00, Sat-Sun 10.00 to 23.00 

Single ticket for all exhibitions 10 €, except the Steichen exhibition for which tickets can be bought from Palazzo Magnani and the Cloisters of San Domenico. Concessions 7 € (for students, TCI, CTS, AIB members, Reggio Emilia Young Peoples’ Card, over 65s and visitors to the Steichen exhibition at Palazzo Magnani and the Cloisters of San Domenico). Free for visitors under 12, school students, the disabled and their companions, journalists and ICOM members. On 1st May and 2nd June, free for residents of the Borough of Reggio Emilia. 24th May – free tickets for the ‘white night’ event.

AC_79_25 © Benedetta Alfieri

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