Intellectuals from national and international scene, exchange views about Fotografia Europea theme, Enchantment. These will include the sociologists and writer Francesco Morace, the semeiologist Paolo Fabbri, the anthropologist Franco La Cecla, the architect Italo Rota, the urban planner Stefano Boeri, the sculptor and writer Mauro Corona, the neuroscience expert  Ruggero Pierantoni, the music producer and critic Carlo Antonelli, the ironic and insightful writer Michela Murgia, and the journalist and photographer Carlo Massarini. There will also be photographers, of course, including Ange Leccia, Mark Borthwick, Alessandra Spranzi, Richard Wentworth, Francesco Jodice, Alain Willaume and Simona Ghizzoni, who will be meeting with the public to discuss and examine in detail the underpinnings of their visions and poetics.