Seminars Biblioteca Panizzi Photo Library

12th May - 14th May

University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

Seminars at the Biblioteca Panizzi Photo Library

During the international Photography Europea 2010 exhibition the Fototeca della Biblioteca Panizzi, in collaboration with TECTON Soc. Coop., the Mediateca and the Facoltà di Scienze della Comunicazione (Faculty of Communication Science) at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, will be organising three seminar days on the protection and conservation of the contemporary and historical photographic legacy.

The seminars, sponsored by AIB (Associazione Italiana Biblioteche or Italian Library Association), are aimed at cultural staff from libraries and museums and at university students on conservation courses with the aim of updating them on the basic criteria for conservation in an age of digitisation and web communications.

The “object” in photography
Wednesday 12 May
Tutor: Anne Cartier Bresson
Time: 9.30 –16.30
The seminar introduces the “materials” that constitute photography, which is understood as objects as well as images. The tutor will deal with some of the photographic processes of the 19th and 20th centuries, from daguerreotype to digital photography, which have characterised the activities of photographers. She will examine the principal elements that identify different photographic processes, together with the steps to be taken for ensuring their stability and conservation. The aim of the seminar is to offer the students a methodology, in a technical context, for understanding how to create photographic “objects”, so that they can be properly read and conserved.

The book as an object of art
Thursday 13 May
Tutor: Liliana Dematteis
Time: 9.30 –16.30
This seminar deals with the theme of reciprocal interaction between photography and the art book, a subject that has up until now received scant attention both in photographic literature and in the admittedly rarefied realm of books about art.
The tutor will present and explore the different forms of contamination/integration between these two important forms of expression from the nineteenth century to the present day, by using what she considers to be some of the most significant examples. The intention is not to relate the history of the relationship between the form of the book and photography, but to suggest a methodological and historical approach to deeper reflection upon the topic.

The description of digital photography and the world of the web
Friday 14 May
Tutor: Alberto Salarelli
Time: 9.30 –16.30
Using an introductory approach the tutor will examine topics related to the description of digital photography using ISBD-NBM, with a look at the Consolidated ISBD, in the context of undertaking digital projects relating to photographic archives in libraries and other public or private institutions. He will examine databases created using these standards and adopting a common language for sharing data which will enable their photographic heritage to be accessed in SBN format. Examples are Firenze BNCF with the Pannunzio fund of "Il Mondo” magazine, Biblioteca di Storia Moderna di Roma, Internet Culturale and Fototeca Biblioteca Panizzi RE. This will be followed by an analysis of the platforms offered by Web 2.0 for publication, as a strategy for dissemination and visibility of the photographs and video material being conserved by these institutions.
Aspects relating to rights of publication over the internet will also be covered.

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